Nigerian Super Model and Dancer - Amanda Igwe

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Lady Gaga

The controversial Lady Gaga continues to be a rich material for the press and tabloids. After her constant change of appearances and looks, she decided take the famous sexy Marlilyn Monroe as her muse in fashion.

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Mercy the Drama Queen and the sister Grace.

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Pa Echegile David Egwabor popularly known as Bone and Joint setter passed away in his home at Owa Alero Delta state. His friends and family were by his side when he drifted to be with the Lord. Pa Echegile David was born to Egwabor family of OwaAlero in 1923. Pa Echegile is a house hold name in Delta state, He is popularly known as BONE and JOINT setter, His greatest aspiration was to become a doctor and help people conflicted with bone and joint problems A consultant orthopaedician and rehabilitation specialist, he dealt with various categories of foot ball prayers and accident victims, worked as an expert in management of sports injuries for many years in various national and international level.

Pa Echegile David Egwabor is survived by sons, Ambassador Godson Echegile, solomon and Emeka Echegile, Daughters. Mrs Roseline okobia, mrs Elizabeth Alika, mrs mary Ogoegbeulem and many great grand children. He also leaves behind several Anuts, uncles cousins and host of friends, colleagues and students who played very important roles in his life.

Funeral arrangements are being handle by Aghade family of Owa Alero . the funeral will be held between 20 to 21st April. 2012., burial will follow at his mansion at Owa Alero Delta state.