Nigerian Super Model and Dancer - Amanda Igwe

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Lady Gaga

The controversial Lady Gaga continues to be a rich material for the press and tabloids. After her constant change of appearances and looks, she decided take the famous sexy Marlilyn Monroe as her muse in fashion.

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Mercy the Drama Queen and the sister Grace.

Head Lines

  • Tinubu calls for new revenue formula
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    Fifty-seven local government chairmen, councillors and key government officials in Lagos State yesterday received a lecture on service, accountability and the need for reforms, if they are to remain relevant. National Leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Asiwaju Bola Tinubu gave the advice at the opening of a three-day retreat on setting an agenda for local government reforms. The retreat was held at the Events Centre, Ikeja.

    Tinubu said: “As local government chairmen, you must think great and come up with bright ideas to make local government administration successful. Do not think of brick and mortar alone; but conceive ideas that will bring about transformation.’ The former governor urged the Federal Government to respect the constitution. He said: “Federalism is about two-tiers of government. The framers of our constitution were clear about the local government being the closest system to the grassroots and went forth to set out its duties and responsibilities.

    “We need to dismantle the unitary system that we have in place now and come up with a new revenue allocation formula that is consistent with federal principles. “Let us practice true federalism and remove the hands of the Federal Government from our pockets. The Federal Government has been pick-pocketing the states and local governments.” Declaring ACN as the fastest growing party in Nigeria, Governor Babatunde Fashola praised Tinubu for fighting doggedly for the creation of more local government areas in Lagos to bring development closer to the people.

    Fashola described the establishment of more local governments as the democratisation of the opportunity to serve. Advising the chairmen, he said: “You must use this to democratise opportunities and good governance. We thank our National Leader, Asiwaju, and the House of Assembly for the law; and our lawyers for fighting for us to establish these local governments.”